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Yesterday, the MASTER (senior) championship opened on time. A total of 65 sailors from 10 nations were welcomed. Afterwards, race director Heino Leja sent the boats onto the regatta course. With changing winds and plenty of sun, the participants were quite challenged. Despite the challenging conditions, the regatta team managed to complete the scheduled two races on the first day. In the evening, all participants enjoyed the joint championship dinner at the harbour, with regional live barbecue from Haappy Catering, fantastic live music by “Cash and Candy” and many good conversations.
Today, on the second day, the wind was still blowing and the high temperatures made the participants and many volunteers sweat. Despite being ready to wait on shore, unfortunately the wind was not to be and so everyone starts hopefully into Friday in order to complete the next three races from eleven o’clock onwards.
It remains exciting …




Dear sailors,
In a few days the MASTER & YOUTH EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 will start.
Before you arrive we would like to send you a few tips for a better flow:

Where exactly do you have to go?
Marina Röbel/Müritz, Müritzpromenade 20, 17207 Röbel/Müritz, Germany

What do you need to know when arriving at the marina?
Access to the MARINA is upon arrival at the gate team, they will direct you and tell you exactly where to go.
Trailers must be unloaded and taken to a trailer parking area so that we have enough space for all participants. When you drive off the site with the trailer, you will get your deposit (20€) – which you left when you drove up – back. 
Where does the trailer have to go?
You want to stay overnight in the marina?
Please note that you have to pay your fees for camping or your caravan pitch in CASH to the porter team.
Caravan / day = 20€
Tent / day = 10€
Electricity / flat rate = 5€
How can you use the showers and toilets?
You can get a chip card from the harbour master for a deposit, which you can use to access of the showers.

Where can you register and pay for breakfast?
  Just register at the regatta registration in the race office.

Where can I find the schedule of the event?
A detailed Schedule, will be released at the first day on notice board.
We are looking forward to seeing you and to a great championship! More than 30 volunteers spend their summer holidays with you at Germany’s largest inland lake. If something is not running smoothly, please understand and come to the Organising-Team and we will find a solution together!

More information about the location, the sailing area and the map can be found here:

Have a good journey and good luck!
Your Organising-Team


You did not find a necessary information? We are happy to help and collect all questions and answers here in the FAQ.

Just send us your request to and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.





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69. Pfingstregatta | Europe Class warm-up

+ + + 4th / 5th June 2022 + + +

Take the chance and to get to know the area and the Marina Röbel/Müritz before the championship!

From the 4th to the 5th of May 2022 the 69th Pfingstregatta (whitsun regatta) will take place in Röbel/Müritz with a ranking regatta and German Senior’s Cup for the Europe Masters. More information under




You did not find a necessary information? We are happy to help and collect all questions and answers here in the FAQ.

Just send us your request to and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.


Röbeler Segler-Verein „Müritz“ e. V.

Ralf Radoschofski
Müritzpromenade 20
17207 Röbel/Müritz

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